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Conditions of Use for Booking a Session on www.axtrazh.ch


1.1. The website www.axtrazh.ch is operated by Urbanica GmbH, doing business as AXTRA (referred to as “AXTRA” henceforth), with registration number CHE-360.115.105. AXTRA reserves the sole right to modify or cancel the terms and conditions and content of the site without prior notice.

1.2. All visitors to the site are subject to the terms and conditions of this contract, which should be carefully reviewed before proceeding with any booking.

1.3. AXTRA strives to provide the most current and accurate information on its website.

1.4. This website is intended for personal, non-commercial use. Reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, display, performance, publication, licensing, creation of derivative works, transfer, or sale of any information obtained from this site is strictly prohibited.

1.5. Usage of this website for fraudulent, illegal, defamatory, harmful, obscene, or objectionable purposes is strictly prohibited.

1.6. Users acknowledge that the Internet is not entirely secure, but AXTRA takes necessary measures to protect payment card information. AXTRA shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the loss of transmitted information, provided AXTRA has fulfilled its obligations and is not responsible for the loss.

1.7. AXTRA shall not be legally responsible for any direct or indirect, consequential, or incidental damages arising from the site’s use, provided AXTRA has fulfilled its obligations and is not the cause of such damages. This includes but is not limited to lost profits or revenues, loss of opportunity, costs of replacement products or services, and loss or deterioration of data or business interruption.



2.1 The registered trademarks and logos featured on the site are solely owned by AXTRA. Unauthorized use of these trademarks and logos is strictly prohibited and may violate AXTRA’s rights.

2.2. AXTRA’s website may contain links to third-party sites; however, AXTRA does not control these external websites, and users access them at their own risk.

2.3. AXTRA collects and stores users’ personal information, ensuring confidentiality and no disclosure to third parties.

2.4. By using the website, users consent to receiving promotional offers via email or telephone from AXTRA.

2.5. AXTRA reserves the right to charge customers for any intentional or unintentional damage caused during their activities.

2.6. Participants must complete and sign a provided discharge by AXTRA before engaging in any activity. Failure to sign the discharge will result in denied access to the event.

2.7. While on AXTRA’s premises, users must comply with policies, sign waivers, adhere to appropriate standards of behavior, and cooperate with security-aware staff.



3.1. The online contract’s only contractual language is English, and all customers must ensure understanding before proceeding with a booking.

3.2. Bookings are limited to those aged 18 or older. AXTRA reserves the right to request proof of identity in case of doubt.

3.3. A game reservation becomes valid only after processing by AXTRA.

3.4. Game transfers must be requested by telephone at least three hours before the game’s start time and are subject to AXTRA’s approval.

3.5. Reserved games may not be transferred or resold for commercial purposes or bonuses. Violation of this condition will result in denied admission for the game holder or those claiming attendance rights.

3.6. Users are responsible for providing accurate information on the online booking form, warranting its correctness.

3.7. Reservation confirmations are sent via email; AXTRA does not provide confirmations by post or SMS.

3.8. A reservation becomes invalid if the team is late by 30 minutes or more. In such cases, the session is non-refundable, unmodifiable, and any remaining time can be played subject to availability. A new reservation will be at the customer’s expense, depending on room availability.

3.9. Cancellation or modification of games is possible up to 24 hours before the start for games with six or fewer players, and up to 48 hours before the start for games with seven or more players. Any changes or cancellations within shorter periods will be invoiced.



4.1. The applicable rates are displayed on the booking section of the website.

4.2. The price is determined based on the number of participants.

4.3. Reservations must be made online through the booking platform.

4.4. Online payments are accepted through Visa and Mastercard credit cards, as well as Twint, Paypal, and Google Pay.

4.5. Price differences will not be refunded if fewer people attend the game than expected.

4.6. If more people attend the game than expected, the price difference must be settled upon arrival.

4.7. Full payment must be made at the time of booking.



For inquiries, contact AXTRA using the following details:

Email: info@axtrazh.ch

Mail: Axtra – Urban Axe Throwing, Dörflistrasse 50, Oerlikon Zürich



6.1. An instructor will provide players with game rules and safety instructions. Participants must strictly adhere to these instructions. AXTRA will not be liable for any bodily injury or material damage resulting from violations of game rules and safety guidelines.

6.2. People under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or impaired judgment will be denied entry.

6.3. Bringing alcoholic beverages onto the premises is prohibited. The purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages sold by AXTRA follow the regulations of the canton of Zürich.

6.4. To gain entry, participants must confirm the name of the person who booked and may be asked to provide the person’s phone number and email address.

6.5. Children between the ages of 12 and 17 may participate with a responsible adult.

6.6. Closed shoes are required. Participants wearing open-toed shoes will be asked to change footwear by AXTRA staff. Those continuing the activity with non-compliant footwear do so at their own risk.



Participants must thoroughly review the document “Discharge of Liability Form with Regard to AXTRA Customers.” Signing this document is a mandatory prerequisite for participation in the game.



The contractual relationship between AXTRA and its players is governed by Swiss law. In the event of legal proceedings, the venue for the action is the registered office of the company.

Contact details

Urbanica GmbH – CHE-360.115.105

c/o RB Swiss Group GmbH
Blegistrasse 7
6340 Baar


Email: info@axtrazh.ch

Phone: +41 78-608-8791

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