🌲 huggers unite!

Here at Axtra – Urban Axe Throwing, we’re all about having a good time while protecting the planet! For that we need wood, which comes from trees. It’s in our ethos to always ensure we are doing what we can for the environment. Which is why we firstly, we are all about working with swiss made products whenever we can. Our axe throwing range uses Poplar wood from Graübunden. 



Poplar trees grow fast, 60cm meter a year! Unfortunately this wood isn’t good for building because it’s too wet, but it’s perfect for axe throwing targets! Cutting these trees down not only lets us use the wood to its full potential, it also makes space for young trees to grow big and strong and thats not even the best part! 








For every tree we have to cut down here in Switzerland, we promise to plant ten times that in a country that really needs them. That way, we’re always making sure we do way more good for nature than anything else! We work with Onetreeplanted to make sure that together we can do our part. So if you are looking for a team event, birthday bachelor/bachelorette party that will have a positive effect for you and this planet we all call home. We have Axe-actly that!

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